Sunday, February 28, 2010

So, recently (I know it's too early) i've been thinking already what i'm going to be wearing for the next following school year! Just last week we got our re-registration forms and we got to chose what we would go in in the year 20010-2011. I chose: Drama, Sports Fitness and Law. Even though I love sports and im very competitive, most Sports Fitness classes are during homeroom. I'm pretty sure. So I expect that I won't be wearing and doing my hair nicer than usual, I understand that. I'm going to be having this babysitting job all summer, so i'm going to be saving up some money, but only ill spend stuff I need and not waste my money on junk food or stupid things.

These are the few items I would love to have for my graduation year:

Sweaters: lululemon hoody's 98$
Pants: lululemon 74$

That's so far on my wish list for my sporty/lazy clothes. A little on the pricey side but they're good investment pieces. :D

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Megan Fox is my biggest inspiration for looks, I may not look as gorgeous as she is, but I love just looking at pictures of her online. Even though I can't afford expensive clothing, I work with what I have so I could closer and closer to having a look similar to hers. : D

I also love looking at all the wonderful, glamorous looks on the red carpet and judgeing whether i'd wear it or not, I love different excentric things that ofcoursre I can't pull off, but a celebrity definitly can. ; ]

Here Zoe Saldana is wearing Emilio Pucci, a gorgoeus black sequined minidress. Shes wearing the perfect shoes and perfect hair and ofcourse shes gorgeous in it. :D ♥