Sunday, June 6, 2010


HOLY COW. I haven't posted in forever.
So much has happened. I've finished school, I went to Paris 2 weeks ago and summer is finally about to begin!
This post is just going to be a bunch of pics of stuff I REALLY want right now. Maybe not in the future, but right now yes. The things i'm going to wish for are quite random, things will be WAY more expensive then others and somethings will just be really random.

Hope you enjoy!

So, when I went to London a year ago, EVERYBODY had Longchamp bags and I realllyyy wanted one. So, when I went to Paris 2 weeks ago, I heard they were dirt cheap there because that's where they came from. So me and my mom are in the duty free shop in Paris, and I see a rack full of beautiful Longchamp bags.
The bag I got was 60 euro. But I had to get it. (60 euro = 110$ canadian)

This is what mine looks like:

it's the same style and colour in the picture and I absolutely love it!! This is just of the things I achieved in my wish list.

ANYWAYS, onto the stuff I don't own . yet...............



yahhhh, those are just the two right now :P
it's just a wish list not things I have to get, it's just nice to have a goal, and maybe even achieve it.